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Bathroom Renovations

Custom Bathroom Design and Installation

A good design that is well executed doesn’t have to cost the earth. It’s not about the fittings, but the quality of the design and the luxury finish of the bathroom.

The stunning bathroom renovations featured on this page are all about the stonework, glass and central furniture piece. The fittings, bath and sinks can be comparatively inexpensive. The ultimate success of any bathroom comes down to the design and finish. We take genuine pride in our ability to produce the very highest quality of finishing.

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We have years of experience in bespoke bathroom design and installation. By putting our knowledge into practice, we can deliver bathrooms that both meet your budget and exceed your expectations. This is achieved through fabulous design, purchasing the right products and materials for the best price and executing the installation to the highest standards.

Our modern designs combine elements of architecture and interior decoration, to deliver luxury bathrooms that are as beautiful as they are practical. If you are considering remodelling or renovating your bathroom, we have the ability to exceed your expectation.

With experience comes know-how. Simple.


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    QACO provides high quality services with sustainable and cost efficient construction solutions to deliver all its projects on time and to optimal satisfaction..

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    At QACO we boast to provide variety of services from Responsive Construction, renovations, Home Modifications and railway workers.

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    A focus on quality sustainability is central to everything we do, from construction to service provision.

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