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To complete our service offerings in roof repairs, roof replacement, and roof restorations, the team at Qaco are proud to offer the Wakeflex sales Sydney home and business owners can rely on.

Wakaflex Sales and Installations for Sydney

Working with the industry-leading specialists at Evo Building Products allows us to bring the innovative Wakaflex flashing to our customers for an affordable price.

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Wakaflex is well regarded as the leading lead-free flashing solution for Australia, and its inert qualities make it the ideal choice for installations where rainwater will be harvested from the roofing system. With AS/NZS 4020:2005 certification, you can be sure that Wakaflex has been thoroughly tested for safe use when in contact with rainwater runoff that will be used as drinking water.

Wakaflex can be installed in a much faster timeframe than traditional lead flashing and is UV resistant in accordance with DIN 16726. It is also certified to Bushfire Attack Level 29 (BAL 29). Our experienced team can help you determine whether Wakaflex is a suitable and compliant building material for your local area. With so many benefits it is easy to see why Wakaflex is taking its place as the flashing material of the present, and the future.