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Working by the railway?

The Rail Network Is Divided Into A Number
Of Geographical Routes.

If you are planning on doing any work near the railway please contact your local QACO Protection Officers who are your gateway to supporting you in delivering your work safely. Working near the railway can be a dangerous environment and we are in a position to help you navigate the risks. QACO is committed to safety so we want to help you deliver your works safely and securely.

To help you achieve your time frames please contact us as early as possible in your planning process, this will enable us to best support you in delivering successfully.

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QACO Protection Officers team can help you with a multitude of works including
  • Construction sites near the railway
  • Radio transmitters
  • Bridge works
  • Inspection and surveying
  • Works within the designated precautionary area of level crossings

Working by the railway can be both a risk to your works and our infrastructure. We are keen to work in collaboration with all our customers and lineside-neighbours to safeguard you and the railway.

QACO Protection Officers advise on the potential impact of different kinds of work including construction, maintenance and work near level crossings. They can visit you on site and give advice at meetings.

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Why Use QACO?
  • Use1
    25+ years’
  • Use2
    Inhouse capability
    of 120+ people
  • Use3
    Can be onsite
    in 2 hours
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    ISO 9001 - ISO 14501
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    Fully accredited
    builders’ licence
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    Fully dedicated admin
    team of 15 people
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Our emergency phone line is operational
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Call Ic +61 2 9534 1299